Massarat & Wizenoze

Massarat FZCO signs a strategic partnership with Wizenoze

Bringing the best of two very innovative EdTech platforms to K12 schools in the Middle East and Africa region.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Nov 15th, 2021 – Massarat FZCO, the recently founded
Dubai-based EdTech startup, signs a strategic partnership agreement to integrate its data-driven platform with that of the Amsterdam-based EdTech company Wizenoze. The Massarat platform provides every high school graduate with the ability to plan for a successful future by providing them with personalized data that has been collected throughout their K12 educational journey. The Wizenoze platform aggregates online curated education content and makes it available for learners in an easy and organized manner.

This partnership has the potential to truly disrupt K12 education in a powerful way. The Massarat platform’s power is in its ability to collect educational data from all schools, analyze all this data, and make the results of the analysis available to the students, parents, educators, and even regulators in real-time, throughout the school year. With the Massarat platform, all these stakeholders will have the ability to know exactly what is happening. With the integration between the Massarat and Wizenoze platforms students, parents, and educators will be able to not only know exactly where their strengths and weaknesses are, but they will also be able to immediately access online content that will help the learner address their weaknesses.


Learners will no longer need to wait days or weeks to get the results of a quiz or a test. They will be able to immediately see how they performed on an assessment and what learning objectives they have mastered and on which ones they need to work more, and with a click of a button, they will be able to access content specifically designed to help them get better at it.

This partnership comes amid the company achieving several key milestones. Within 3 months of being founded, Massarat FZCO was selected as one of 1,000+ applicants into Newchip’s competitive accelerator program. Additionally, as part of the first initiative focused on the EdTech ecosystem in the MENAP region, ReimaginED Collective has hand-selected Massarat, to participate in a special intensive 4-week Bootcamp program for EdTechs powered by StartED. As well as launching their sophisticated platform to about 12000 students and successfully completing the first assessment on the platform with 144 students from 6 different schools.

“We are very proud to partner with Wizenoze. This partnership adds a lot of value to our students, parents, and educators. Not only will they be able to know exactly what is going well and what is not, but they will also be able to do something about it and work effectively and efficiently to improve. ”, said Mr. Bilal Shammout, Co-Founder and CEO of Massarat FZCO